How to Fix Bluetooth Can’t Disable on Windows 10?

Some Windows 10 users are facing Bluetooth issues such as enabling or disabling Bluetooth option is missing from Windows 10, Bluetooth won’t turn on Windows 10 etc. But sometimes, they can’t disable the Bluetooth in Windows 10. However, this is a unique problem facing by the users.

If you want to confirm this issue then you have to this; go the Settings tab, then Devices, after that Bluetooth and other devices and then under the Bluetooth tab you will see a toggle, you just have to click on that toggle to disable the Bluetooth easily. Once you click on the toggle it will automatically revert to the enable position.

So, below we provide you complete stepwise guide to fix Bluetooth easily Can’t Disable on Windows 10. The steps are discussed below:

Steps to Fix Bluetooth Can’t Disable on Windows 10

If in case, something goes wrong, so before starting the process make sure to create a restore point and take backup of your all data. And we advise you to avoid troubles and errors arise between the processes you have to follow the steps in a proper sequence. Here how to fix it:

Disable Bluetooth Device on Windows 10

  1. Click the Windows + R keys together on the keyboard to open Run command box.
  2. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the command box.
  3. Then, press the Enter key.
  4. Expand the Bluetooth.
  5. After it, right-click on your Bluetooth device and choose Disable option.
  6. Next, click on the View tab if it does not show the name of your Bluetooth Device.
  7. And then, choose Show hidden devices.
  8. Now, right-click on each one of the Bluetooth devices and then choose the Disable option.
  9. Lastly, restart your system to save all the changes.

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Norton Setup | How to Print Double-Sided Documents on Mac?

Macs with now give access to a printer capable of printing double-sided can print any document as a two-sided print, which means that each side of the file will go direct on the front and back of the peice of paper, kind of any book. It is one of the famous printing methods for various situations, such as manuscripts, manuals, documentation, books and many other things and especially for those people who really want to save paper.

However, you can easily print duplex printing on a Mac by using the Microsoft Word, Pages, Office, PDF files from Safari and preview, and some other apps, and the features are working on all the versions of the MacOS and Mac OS X.

Below we provide a few simple steps which help you in printing the double-sided documents on Mac.

Steps to Print Double-Sided Documents on Mac

Before starting to print duplex printing, ensure that you meet with these few requirements which are necessary for using the two-sided printing. Firstly, you have to make sure that your printer itself must be compatible with the two-sided printing which is usually a laser printer or similar hardware. And the foremost requirement is that the document is being printed must be at a minimum at least of two pages long. Thus, the first page will always go on one side of the printed page, and the second page will go onto the reverse side of the printed page.

At times, when you have typed up a Word doc on your Mac and want to print double-sided, and then follow the steps in ascending order to avoid trouble, and it will take less time. Here how to do it:

  1. Initially, by scrolling to the top of the screen bring up the “Menu bar”.
  2. Then, click on the “File” option.
  3. Scroll the menu to the bottom and then click on the “Print” option.
  4. Next, click on the “Copies and Pages” option.
  5. Again, scroll the menu to the bottom and click on the “Layout” option.
  6. Now, click on the “Two-Sided” menu tab.
  7. Subsequently, click on “Long-Edge binding” option.
  8. Lastly, click on the “Print” tab.

Alternatively, with some applications, the process for double-sided printing will be easier and also involve few steps, since you will be presented with a “Two-Sided” option by the initial print window. Here assuming that you are using a Mac app such as Notes:

  1. Primarily, scroll to the top of the screen and bring up “Menu bar”.
  2. After that, click on the “File” option.
  3. Now, scroll the menu to the bottom and click on the “Print” tab.
  4. Next, click on the “Two-Sided” check-box which appears next to the copies box.
  5. Finally, click on the “Print” option.

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Important information on Norton Firewall Rules

Norton Firewall Rules – Firewall is a security given to protect the computers from attack. Also, you can protect all your devices. From spyware, malware, and cyber attacks. You get total security with the Norton Firewall rules.However, you never have to face the cyber attacks. Irrespective of the type, you can use it at home and office.

Important information on Norton Firewall Rules

Norton Firewall Rules

How Firewall Works?

Norton Firewall rules are the barrier which is protecting computers form infections. Also, from the loss as well. However, it protects your device to get infectious between communication. Norton firewall is working amazingly. Hence, firewall services can actually allow and block the traffic. Therefore, the traffic which takes place between two computers. This process is done including IP addresses and port number. Also, both IP address and port number.

Security Benefits Of Firewall

  • Initially, Increased security of Computer.
  • Also, security of all devices.
  • Especially networks connected on the internet are protected.
  • Remove malicious attacks and activities.
  • Detects the network on the computers.
  • Most importantly, remove cyber attacks.
  • However, total security solution.

To Configure The Norton Firewall rules

  • Firstly, Create a computer group to test the Firewall rule.
  • Secondly, Run several tests into the test group.
  • Make a test policy and apply it.
  • Make a new firewall rule, save it and apply with the new rule.
  • Test the rules using the testing group computers.
  • Repeat the process for each new rule.
  • Ensure to verify the correct order for rules.
  • Lastly, Deploy it to the organization only after testing.
  • For additional information, connect at

Firewall Rules

The Firewall protects the device from suspicious activities. It interrupts in the network and blocks unknown traffic. It removes the unauthorized access. Particularly, there are two types of Firewall rules. Those follow –

Program Rule

  • Open the program control tab.
  • Rename the program description.
  • Now, add a rule for your program.
  • Most importantly, modify the access setting.
  • Also, modify the priority rule and change sequence.
  • Later on, remove the program rule.
  • Lastly, view the trust level of the program.

Traffic Rule

Some traffic rules are locked. Therefore, it can only be read. However, you can not modify those. The appearance of these rules is according to the priority level. There are some certain regulations to modify the rules. Although the rules are read-only, it takes a bit efforts to do so. However, for detailed information, get in contact with a technician at

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Above all, are the similar question asked by the users. These are the frequently asked issues. However, you are always connected to a technician at Feel free to be in contact. Without any delays, you will get the full assistance 24/7. #norton com setup

Apple reportedly restarts iPhone X Production after weak XS sales

As indicated by a report, Apple has again begun the creation of the iPhone X due to the weaker than the normal interest for its XS and XS Max models of the organization. This move of Apple is probably attributable to the assention which is made with Samsung to buy a distinct amount of the OLED screens. With the goes of the current year’s OLED-prepared models are neglecting to move in the amounts which are expected to play out the terms of the arrangement, the ongoing report recommends that the Apple is swinging to the most recent year’s model for a superior arrangement. Likewise, when the XS was first discharged at that point, the Apple quit moving the iPhone X in stores.

However, the iPhone X is believed to be exceptionally prudent to create than the XS or XS Max on account of its age, which implies that the assembling and segments gear is a lot less expensive than other iPhone XS, and XS Max. In the prior days, some inheritance models have been created by the organization when the interest for iPhone is sufficient in specific markets the world over.

However, according to a news report, Apple has decreased the production orders for all the three latest models of iPhone just because of lower than the expected demand by the users of Apple around the world.

Now, this cheaper iPhone XR is particularly thought to be struggling, as all the budget-conscious users will opt it instead for the last year’s iPhone 8 which continues to be available and it’s priced is much lower than this year’s latest budget model. It was a very similar case with the company’s earlier budget attempt, the iPhone 5c, which saw that the sales were picking up the year after its original launch as normal users caught on to its subsistence.

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5 Best Kodi Add-Ons to Get This Year

Do you want to get a powerful and functional add-on for Kodi for meeting all your streaming requirements? Well, since there are a number of add-ons to choose from, you may get confused. So, we have weeded out the best five Kodi add-ons. Let’s check them out.

  1. Covenant

Covenant is the official substitute of Exodus. This famous add-in matches and surpasses all expectations. Covenant is exceptionally stable, and amongst the best add-ins available at present. Owing to its vast library and powerful performance, it is the top-rated add-on to meet all your streaming requirements.

  1. Placenta

Amongst the popular Kodi add-ons, Placenta stands second in the top five. Since it is established on Covenant, it is easy to use. It comes with several added features such as new categories for Kids, Music, and Fitness. Moreover, it comes with support for library integration, etc. Get an array of films and series, and the addon is continually updated to troubleshoot any existing glitches and bugs.

  1. Genesis Reborn

When Genesis was resurrected, Genesis Reborn came. This add-in comes with an upgraded code and features the same UI as that of old Exodus and Genesis. One of the most amazing things regarding Genesis Reborn is that upgrades keep getting released continuously. Therefore, there are hardly any glitches or bugs with this add-in.

  1. Maverick TV

While Maverick TV is amongst the oldest Kodi add-ons, it is definitely one of the best. With constant upgrades and added functionalities, it has improved a lot since it was first released. It contains a variety of films, songs, TV series, and documentaries. Moreover, it includes a single-click to play add-on. This basically gets the best available streams to make streaming better.

  1. Incursion

While Incursion is a latecomer to the party of Kodi add-ons, it has quickly become one of the best add-ons for viewing films and TV series. This comparatively new add-one is a brand of Covenant. It comes with enhanced functionality and an interface similar to Covenant. To get a flawless streaming experience, you should download and install Incursion Kodi Addon.

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Guidance about Norton 360 product

Norton 360 is known as ‘all-in-one’ security suite that provides both online protection as well as performance boost up. The optimization and problem-solving tools are the two kinds of stuff that made it different from other products of Norton.

Norton 360

Norton product is fuse with the proactive threat protection, computer tune-up, and automatic backup tools as a part of a complete solution for protecting you from the threats, safe your all files from getting exploited, and optimization of system performances.

It is been allocated with a boxed copy, downloads or was pre-installed on the system with OEM software.  Norton 360 is been appreciated for its brilliant malware protection, backup software, low passive system overload, and password manager.

In order to purchase any of the Norton products, you need to register in Norton my account for the successful purchasing as well as to keep track on your subscription as well as expiration date.

The advantages of using Norton 360-

  • Threat-removal layer

Norton 360 supports you with protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and other existing online threats. It also prevents you from the risky websites and downloads.

  • Updated product version

Norton Antivirus notifies you automatically about the products and their features updates.

  • Awareness about the scam

Norton 360 goes through the website’s reputation and alerts you about the status whether it is safe to share the confidential information.

Here, in this article look for the necessary guidance for Norton 360 product (to download, visit

Some of the brilliant features of Norton 360-

  1. With the help of Network Defense Layer, Norton protects you by blocking the online threats, before they take shelter in your system.
  2. The Norton Insight technology aims only those files which are at high risk of faster, fewer, and shorter scans.
  3. Norton 360 cloud-based control allows you to renew, update, renew, fix, and install it with a few quick steps.
  4. It also brings along the protection for other devices like Mac, computer, Smartphones or tablet at a single place.
  5. Norton PC Tuneup solves the common computer issues, empties the memory space, deletes unnecessary files, and cleans up your system hard drive.

Norton Setup provides you with the firewall that blocks the cybercrooks from getting into your system and stealing the confidential information without enquiring about the security decisions.

How to Receive Calls on Mac

With Apple products, you can feel like you have stepped into future. The company is coming up with latest technology and creative ideas to make Apple devices better. If you have a Mac system, then you might feel that calling on phones and handsets is outdated because Apple allows the users to answer calls on Mac. A particular feature will help you to do that. Call Relay is a part of Apple features that enables the user to answer the phone calls on Mac.

Apple made calling very convenient with this unique ability to pick up the phone on Mac. The Call Relay uses everything similar to iPhone that the recipient cannot even differentiate. Before setting up the whole system, ensure that your devices are at least running on iOS 8.1 and MacOS X Yosemite software. If you have later versions of software in your devices, then still you can perform the setup and receive calls on Mac. You will need to log into your Apple ID, and the whole process requires the internet connection.

Here’s how to Receive Calls on Mac

Enable Call Relay on Mac

  1. Press Command + Space keys and type FaceTime.
  2. Now, open FaceTime and proceed to Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences box, click the Settings tab.
  4. There you will find the Calls from iPhone option.
  5. Click the check box next to the option.

Remember that you don’t require opening FaceTime in your iPhone or Mac system. So if you close the FaceTime in the device, it will keep running to work.

How to pick up Calls on Mac

Answering the call in Mac is very simple. While receiving a call, the Contact name will appear on the screen with options to either Accept or Decline.

  1. Click the Accept button when the contact name appears on the screen.
  2. If you are busy and cannot pick the phone, click the Decline button.
  3. You must notice a drop-down arrow just right next to Decline button.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow. Three options will appear mentioning the time to remind about the call.
  5. Select the time to remind in 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 1 Hour.

How to Make a Call from Mac

  1. Open FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Now, type the name or contact number.
  3. Click the phone icon of the desired contact person.
  4. A Call using iPhone will appear, so click on the phone number.

Transfer a call from Mac to iPhone

Amazingly, you can continue your call on your iPhone from Mac by transferring the mid-call to the device.

  1. Pick up your iPhone and go to the home screen.
  2. You will see Touch to return to call at the top of the display.
  3. Tap on the audio icon and proceed to select iPhone.
  4. There you go. Continue your mid-call from Mac to iPhone.

Isn’t it more comfortable to continue the important phone call without disconnecting while switching between the Apple devices? Now that you have thoroughly understood the method to answer calls on Mac; you will not miss anything important simultaneously working on it.

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