How to access Norton Setup Customer Service?

Norton is an antivirus which was developed by Symantec corporations and is in the market of system security since 1991. The technological parameters used by Norton for identifying virus comprises of signature and heuristics. Other than these technical weapons e-mail spam filtering and phishing methodology is used by Norton Antivirus. Unlike other antivirus software, Norton Antivirus is capable of running on both Microsoft and Apple’s operating system. In the early nineties computers in America got corrupted because of the foreign virus and PC infections, thus Norton was developed by Symantec to counter those unauthorized elements. It is one of the premium antivirus software package in current time.

Our Services for customers to make their system safe and secure

Norton Customer Service Comes with the distinctive feature of services that are completely for the orientation of users and customers of Norton antivirus security. Right from Download and Configure Norton helps its user to update their antivirus. A user of Norton antivirus can simply go on the official site of Norton Customer Service and can look for the services according to his or her need. If any user has an issue related to the removal of any threat, installation of the software, and renewal of the existing or purchase of a new software he can visit the site of Norton Customer Service and can have assistance from the technical expert. Norton Customer Service has also a community of Customers with whom a new user willing to get his issues resolved can talk and post his questions to them.


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